Give Us this Day our Daily Bread of Eternal Attainment

Blessed Ones who come here to grow and develop thine relationship with our Source and Center ... I offer to you this petition for your applications each day.

Thou Father Primordial and Infinite .. Pure and Absolute .. in me .. all around me .. and at the Godhead .. I give to you all my acknowledgement and adoration .. all acceptance into my heart and mind .. all credit for my achievements .. and all my allegiance do I pass onto You .. Father Mother God.

I take no credit nor glory .. neither do I identify with a temporary self of worldly imaginings. My happiness is in conducting your plan and agenda .. and in this I offer to you all my opinions and assumptions gathered from the world societies.

I give to you my deepest desire to live thy Will and fulfill thine Law. To erase all my error .. and to transfigure all oppositions to the outward expression of your Perfection. Your Perfect Love and Compassion.

Give us upon this day our daily bread of eternity .. of everlasting knowledge. For thine is the Kingdom of Sovereignty and Supremacy.  All beings and every Kingdom arises out of thine Kingdom.

Oh God .. raise up the character and consciousness of Humanity. I am asking in behalf of my brothers and sisters for their redemption and reconciliation with You...

Michael of Nebadon


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