Ye must know that the soul is of your own creation. Soul is the great receptacle .. holding the individual's capacity to receive of the Spirit. Soul is the added value which develops within consciousness itself. Soul is the direct result of the growth of character virtues and values into the eternal and everlasting meanings and divine agendas .. the Absolute purposes of the universes.

Soul is the living bridge between the human mortal and limited personality which reaches for the Hem of the Infinite Absolute Intelligence and Power. Soul is the receptacle between the finite and the Infinite One. Soul develops over time .. for it is not a given from the start, yet it is fueled by the mind of the personality as this mind gravitates ever upwards and inwards to develop this reciprocal spiritual communion and long-enfolding relationship with the Universal First Cause and Source.

Soul develops then, as mind and its personality choices are ushered by the righteousness of free will authority into the higher choices and greater decisions beyond the mortal seeking of immediate gratifications and sensory stimuli. Soul then, is the additional value which is brought forth by the individual personality in its efforts and sincerity to know the Universal God .. the Father Mother Parent as its Source and its destination in all things. To become perfected in the ways of the Universal Father Mother, to serve the Source in Its agenda, and to aspire to embody the identification and nature, the character and the generosity, of the Universal First Cause.

Michael Of Nebadon


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