Our Yoga Of Impregnation and Immortality

Our yoga essentially has three phases or positions .. Asanas you might say ..

1. The preparations to receive the Cosmic Fire of Creation

2. The reception of this Cosmic Christ Fire of Creation .. which is the Universe Mother Spirit Holy Spirit and the Paradise Bestowal Spirit of the Father.

3. The distribution of this Creative Word .. Fire of Creation .. and the radiation in service of this same Cosmic Christ Fire .. this Primordial Fire Power.

Each day as ye enter into our disciplines .. you shall become ever further in your developing consciousness .. a Sun Presence in powerful radiation of the Infinite Fire .. at one with the indwelling Fire of the Universal First Cause.

This Sacred Fire of Creation is The Omnipresent Omnipotence of the Central Paradise Core. It is the Infinite Word of the Second Source. It is the Universe Mother’s Mercy and Compassion.

It brings forgiveness to those who are humbly open to learn and grow .. and accountable to receive back through their personal consciousness the misqualifications of ages past.

Those who are willing to elevate their personal agenda in favor of merging their agenda into the Father's Will and His Agenda. Then .. this yoga of impregnation .. of immortality .. shall progress thee into the promise of the lifetimes of your evolutionary journey.

I come to do .. simply .. the bidding of the Paradise Godhead.

Michael of Nebadon


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