Come Forth as a Prince and Princess of thine Realm

Know that I give you instruction, beloveds. The things of the worldly appearance surrounding thee are transient; for they cannot produce for you a sustainable happiness. This is your testing .. to place value upon the eternal and unchanging things which are within thee. The worldly appearances are merely thine effects. Would you wrestle with thine own effects when ye are supposed to be the master over all these effects?

The circumstances and interrelationships are composed of the seeds of their symbolisms. These symbols have their root cause within thee .. within thine inner consciousness .. within the qualities which ye have brought forth through the powers of thought and feeling. Thine instruments of creation.

We have many tasks before us, my children of this planetary orb. Gather thine trust in Me, and ye shall find thine comfort immediately resounding within thine hearts and minds. Always there are the ephemeral weeds which are woven into and throughout the tapestries of temporality, even though your senses maketh a fragrance from these appearances, in the final evaluation .. all the appearances shall be proven futile and fruitless for thee .. for thine evolutionary expansion and empowerment .. thine advancements and progressions beyond the limitations of thine mortal frame and thine seeking personality.

Our labors together shall consume thine attention as ye are about the Father's business .. His/her desire of will to further the perfection of the Kingdom. The plan of salvation and redemption goeth onwards and upwards always. None can oppose our administration nor can the weak willed and delusionary minded personalities offer their versions into the One reality of Ours that we share, and by which our administration unfolds to thee. I speak unto thee regarding thine progressions into freedom and immortality - the Second Birth into Immortality and Universe Citizenship; for it cometh like a thief in the night .. always is this knowledge right before thine eyes. Always is the gateway to enter therein to this Kingdom accessible to those who have not preconceived themselves into oblivion and recklessness of existence.

We have errands to accomplish and unfoldings to attain to. Waste not thine time upon the effects and appearances, yet devour these obstructions in thine command for the descent of the Universe Mother Flame. 

I come into the humble ways of this earth, and at this precise time within your history once again to stimulate thine yearnings for truth and love, and to offer to each receptive soul our approach to the Infinite Hem of glory, dignity, and divine honor.

Michael Of Nebadon


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