Kingdom of all Righteousness Brings thine Godhood

Let thine character growth and moral nature take precedence over all else in your preparations to entering into the Kingdom of Heaven. Allow thine decisions and choices to become in service to the universal agenda of divine actualization in the individual, the systems, the galaxies, the universes, and then know, that all else shall become clear for you. Establish a safe and secure foundations for the growth of your good and ennobled character of spiritual endowments, of the virtues and values of the Universe Mother Spirit. I show you the true and only way to establish yourself within the Second Birth into Universe Citizenship; to learn to reap and sow with thine righteousness and authority as a child of the Central Source. In order to embody and partake and to properly yield the fruits of the bestowal spirit within thee, you must become vibrationally born of the spirit .. in unison of purpose and intent, agenda and will. You must be taught directly by My own Comforter Spirit, and the Living Spirit of Paradise Bestowal.

To venture into the universe as a son and daughter of infinite promise, you must seek to become one with the spirit of bestowal through thine Second Birth into the new order of immortal being, and you must become daily led by this bestowal Paradise spirit if you would live the spirit-filled life among your brethren. Veer away from making the exquisite mistake of the ages wherein you attempt to superimpose the Good over the ugly and ill-formed. Be not like the seeker of the world who wastes valuable time intellectually pruning and probing, reading and remembering while all along he or she has yet to properly build this foundation of character and morality. The inner personality misqualifications and errors shall not become covered over in hiding by your intellectual pursuits and vain memorizations of theology and godly ideas. Thine unsound and ill-equipped personality must be grown and remade into its refinement of mind character and pure heartedness. The unsoundness and instabilities of an ill-character that is the result of improper choices over the centuries of your lifetimes .. this mind and personality cannot find grounding and stabilization within the precepts of paradise until it is made receptive and humble, aligned with the agendas of the Father God, and whereas, the thief would attempt to go through the back door to enter into the household of his thieving, you should not think to enter into the Kingdom of His righteousness .. the Kingdom of His Honor, without first cleansing thyself of every ill-motivated intent and hidden character flaw. Until you have bestowed your energies and labors upon embodying more of the values and virtues, the verities of My Spirit of Truth, and the inner validations, which can only come into your experience from your humble contriteness, your willingness and cooperative collaborations with the Spirit of Bestowal .. your necessity to give to God your fuller  surrender and sacrifice .. your egotistical arrogances and agendas .. until this occurs for you, there is no hope for you to attempt to enter into My Father’s House. The honest and sincere bestowal all of thine labor placed upon the unsound and unstable character momentums must become rejected; for these are still as unfit to enter into good home of the universes .. just as if the foundations of a building which would be constructed to withstand the assaults of time and storm were to remain without their own protective stabilizations and securities … the foundations by which they shall be left standing when the first winds blow in their ill-devised direction.

Give thine efforts towards making certain that your intellectual and moral foundations of character are designed to withstand our disciplines of effort and utter humility. Such character which is grown out from righteousness and honor, respect and receptivity, will adequately support the inner structures of your enlarging and ennobling spiritual nature. Thine growing spiritual nature will then become free to transform the mortal mind and then, in our association together with that re-created mind, ye shall be ready to attain to the evolvement of the soul of immortal destiny and infinite promise. Your spirit nature — this cooperative collaboration between personality, mind, and spirit forces will bear to each one the fruits of their labors while working within the field of reality and truth, justice and love. This is the jointly created soul, it is a living outgrowth of mind and morals which have their foundations refined and strengthened out of the earthen soils of your individual journey. Ye shall discover thine ascendency into the new order of immortal being out of which has arrived for you these luminous developments of your human development and the burgeoning nature of the divine destiny of unending creative expression and ever-uplifting relationship with the Source of thine existence. The earthen and oft misqualified soil of the evolving personality soul, while human and mortal in it’s origins, is going to become for each one who walks this journey, a revealing destiny of incredible rewards; the collaboration and concentration, the cooperation of will, and the combined creature of mind and spirit becometh for thee, My beloveds, a bridge to the Infinite God.

The Kingdom of his Sovereignty is comprised of the beatitudes of character growth and elevation of the Universe Mother Spirit; the acknowledgment and acceptance, appreciation and adoration of the Sovereignty of our Omnipresent God, and his divine circuits of promising potentiality in thy burgeoning wholeness in Him as His son and daughter; and lastly, the indwelling authority and powers, rights and capabilities that each individual personality possesses in the effectiveness of the highest human desire and dedication to attain to the fulfillment of his law in the achievement of living within the will of God by becoming his nature and identifying with Him in all ways in consciousness and body alike. This authority must be achieved through establishing personal and eternal relationship with the divine circuits of our triune Source. Humankind should forever allow this relationship to unfold organically while taking precedence over all other human relationships and achievements.

I come with the Mother and the Administration of this planet to reinstitute truth .. the true approach to your liberty, and to reignite our relationship everlasting .. our fellowship .. our eternal association together in this intimate spiritual fellowship which I AM extending to all men and women of all ages and of all social conditions, all environment, all genders and races, all socio-economic circumstances, and all religious orientations and pathways of approach. It is My association with and amongst all peoples.
Michael Of Nebadon


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