Thine Great Causeless Cause of Existence

Know thine Source from which all Life has come about. Give thine honor and obedience, thine respect and loving embrace to the One Intelligence behind all intellects. Acknowledge the One who is this Causeless Cause .. who is Father to all existence, all personalities, and all creatures.

As the Father knows Me as His Son, even so I do know the Father; and I come to lay down My life for the seekers and aspirants of this world.

I am the good shepherd who knows Mine flock, and My sheep do know of Me. I am known by Mine own who seek to share their life with the Father God .. in Spirit and in Truth. Most assuredly I tell thee, I am the One sent that there be Life within the world of men and women...nay, all the Kingdoms of the earth shall have this One Life by which to grow and evolve; for the Water of Life Everlasting is Mine own .. given to Me by the Father with whom I come to distribute this Eternal Essence to all those who will partake of Us.

Enter thou into the Kingdom of the Father by Mine doorway of Eternity. Seek not other lesser avenues to enter therein; for only those who come through My door shall find that they are raised upwards... and inwards to the greater Life of My Father's Consciousness, His Sovereignty, His Supremacy in all ways given to humanity.

I am come to light thine wick, and to supply thine oils of regeneration from all debasements in mind and body. Come now, enter into the Kingdom of My Father God through the doorway designed and created for His sons and daughters of His Life; and as ye enter therein by My doorway, so shall you too become the all-permeating One Son .. and the good Shepherd of all the kingdoms of the Earth.

Most certainly .. I say unto thee .. that he who does not enter into the Kingdom of the Father through the divine circuits of Paradise Trinity Endowment .. and attempts to enter through some other way .. these are the same as a thief and a robber who believe there is an alternative doorway .. a shorter route or a more direct avenue. These are not mine sons and daughters who seek union with the Father Principle.

Yet .. He or she who enters by the inner door of the Spirit of Bestowal .. these are Mine true disciples; for I stand with the Father at the door as His gatekeeper. I open the door to Mine own .. those that are Mine own do hear my voice through the Father indwelling .. the Comforter that I AM .. and the Holy Spirit of the Universe Mother.

Enter therefore in the ways designed for thine attainment into the Kingdom of His Consciousness .. and ye shall be walking in the rarified atmosphere of the One Christos I AM.

I say unto thee beloveds .. love the Paradise Father .. His Primordial Force of Life that animates thee giving thee life and existence. Love Him with all thine heart, and with all thine soul, and with thine very strength in all possible ways; for He is thine Life and Nature and True Identity. Allow the Father to become thou anchored within thine body and heart, thine soul and personality. I say unto thee, demonstrate this way of living to those all around you in your loving and tender compassion, thine acceptance and appreciation of the Life within all forms.

Be in His everlasting communion, immersing thine selfhood in His Selfhood. Let thine human limitations become transfigured in Him.

Give Him your human life and world. Attempt not to gain from Him, asking for all kinds of things that you believe will make you happy. I tell thee, there is only one thing that shall make thee happy .. and this is the fulfilling of His law and the living out of His will and Plan. All else shall become for thee an obligation and a burden over time.

Amalgamate thineself to His glory and honor, His presence and consciousness.

Give to the Father God your life, and He shall return to you His Life, raising you upwards and inwards beyond the throes of emotional instabilities and erroneous thoughts and opinions.

Emancipate thine mind in the Spirit of Truth I AM, and invite the Universe Mother Spirit and the Mighty Blessed Host of Heaven to come and transfigure all thine misqualifications, thine opinions and indoctrination, thine preconceptions of the past and the future. Let these perceptual understandings give honor unto He who is the Life of every creature great and small. All are precious within Mine sight beloved, from the smallest, and what you might consider to be insignificant ones, to the grandest and most seemingly important ones.

All are precious within Mine sight. I hold all .. each and every one in Mine Consciousness as an expression of this very Life of the Father.

I bid thee freedom and mastery over all things temporal and appearing...

Michael Of Nebadon


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