The Stations of Illumination: Recognition, Relationship, Redemption, and Revelation

Faith unifies our moral insight with a deeper conscious discrimination of values; we arrive at an inner standpoint of discernment of values, and through values our choices become heightened and refined. Decisions in our free will are matured and united with the values of eternity. We come to understand the perspectives of the Infinite and Eternal Intelligences that hold within their power the evolutionary progression of the universes. We then, only then, feel a sense of duty and cooperation towards the universal goals that are working to be attained. We cooperate and collaborate with the higher forces and divine personalities who are ushering and guiding the universes into illumination .. actualization, and the perfected patterns of the Creative Source and Center.

For those who are beginning their personality journey upon the evolutionary worlds, there is a pre-existent evolutionary sense of duty which is inwardly seeking to complete the legacies of evolutionary religion; true religion is both evolutionary and revelational in all respects.

The authority of an individual's experience of true religion eventuates in a divine insight, a readjustment of values, a learned and encircuited cultivation of the Universe Mother's virtues, a deepened validation of the reality of God in every life which offers to the individual personality an expansion of their faith vision and their personalized confidence in the always attendant watchcare and guidance of the Infinite God, the certain and well-defined consciousness of God, and through direct spirit perception and awareness .. the undoubted assurance of the continuing survival of the believing personality.

Personality, as it becomes wedded with the eternal values and virtues of the universes, matures into a fuller concentrated focus for the universes; and this blended and unifying force of the ages carries the individual into their own immortal framework, and their won personalized revelation of their pent up inherent potentialities.

Actualization of the infinite potentialities is what every single personality craves to have unfolded in themselves.

Michael Of Nebadon


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