The Illuminated Avenues of Reality

The great God Force and His Intelligence lives in us .. as our fullest Selfhood .. and lives all around us as the All-Perfecting Primordial Fire of Love. His Personal Presence exists at the Head of existence .. at the Central Core of what we may call Paradise.

His Ever-Presence is the very Kingdom that each must invite through the righteousness of their free will choice and the daily decisions of their Powers of Invocation. The Father’s Kingdom is neither male nor female .. but transcendent of all gender and dualistic human concepts. In fact .. all human thinking and human mortal ideas simply burn up immediately in His All-Pervading and All-Permeating Presence. They dissolve in His Omnipotent Omnipresence as if they never existed.

Only His Absolute Purity and Immaculate Immortality can exist in His Kingdom of Consciousness. Only that which He creates is real and everlasting. Hence .. in knowing the real from the appearance of the unreal .. ye are instantly wiser in the righteous use of thine creative free will authority as the I AM of the Creative Impulses of the Father's Life move in and through you in every moment of your existence.

All things created and set in motion by a mortal mind in separation from its Source are just as an unreal bubble floating up .. out from the Great Sea of Life with only a temporariness and a momentary appearance. To spend thine days focusing thine attention and values upon this fleeting unreality of human thought and emotion is to waste thine Life Force upon the imaginary bubbles of unreality. It is the doing of dead works when we place our Invocation Power upon anything other than the great Father Son Spirit.

Worship the real and truly everlasting virtues and values of the Infinite God. Generate a creative momentum that accumulates the beautiful .. the good .. and the true. Build thine life and the trajectory of thine existence upon the immediacy and solid ground of the Everpotent reality of His Kingdom.

I am come to illuminate the avenues of creature approach to the Universal Father. I represent the Father Son .. and with the Universe Mother Spirit .. we are the personal focalization and manifestation of the Paradise Trinity Source for this very universe.

All thine potential for peace and happiness .. harmony and wholeness .. these do rest upon your choices and decisions of where you place the great beam of your Creative Impulse and Attention in each and every moment.

Michael of Nebadon


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