Inquiry and Identification Destroy the Veils of Forgetfulness

The appearance world is unreal, non-existent, and the misunderstanding that it is real has to be renounced. The understanding that the idea of the appearance world is imposed by our mind on the One Uninterrupted and Undifferentiated Reality is realized through holding to the Mother’s virtues of Wisdom and Knowledge, Understanding and Worship.

Though the appearances appear real, they are merely temporary.. disintegrating right before our physical sight and touch. One must be aware that these phenomena are continually attempting to delude us. One has to give up the yearning for seeking and deriving pleasure from these temporary bubbles of appearances in order to establish themselves in the Kingdom of all Righteousness.
The free will powers of discernment through Inquiry and Identification; laying thine mind and heart into the One Reality all throughout the day and evening is the means to tear apart or dissolve and stop from fueling the illusory veils of density and distraction. This Inquiry and Identification within the Embracing Eternity Exercises that I've offered to students will begin to quicken your veils into realizations. No linger will you have this illusory sheath of mind conquering all your efforts towards realization and remembrance.

Thereafter, the Inquiry into the Supremacy of God in finite time and space creation .. penetrating deeper through the objects that appear and attract, both here and hereafter .. only this will set thine momentums upward and inward to the One Reality. One is fulfilled in this recognition and acknowledgement.. liberation and perpetual freedom from the rounds of birthing and dying is merely the fruit of having learned our eternal values and virtues, and having begun to live more in earnest our verities; giving you the inner authority of a greatly enhanced pure religious experience, a spirit mind overflowing with connection and intuitive perceptions of knowledge, a faithful and strongly held conviction in God, and the divine validation leading you into immortal victory. These are the fertilizers of the mind and heart .. liberating the individual who dedicates themselves to our association and who is willing to carry the cross of their misqualifications of density .. the veils of density .. into the illuminated cross of his remembrance. 

As soon as you renounce all temporal attachment and all sensory illusory desires then, the false knowledge erroneously gained over multitudes of lifetimes can be destroyed. Only when one knows the Bestowal Spirit as their true nature and identity then, all becomes more fully aligned with the one Will of the Universes. When the false knowledge disappears, the sorrow produced by one's involvement in the ups and downs of the world of change also gets permanently destroyed.

Michael Of Nebadon


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