Become the Cause and Dissolve the Effects in Consciousness

We are all deeply involved in the transmutation of potentialities into Actualities. Some within Our One Body of Life may appear to be uninvolved, yet, I assure you that everyone in one way or another is very involved in bringing into the light and the greater life their own existence.

And while it is a truth that I AM the One Vine which gives life to all in this universe with the Universe Mother .. each being and creature is walking in their own way .. traversing through their own uniquely created circumstances and environments to arrive at the true destination of love and life .. each is working with great passion in their own timing and way to become receptive and willing to partake of this One Life of the Universal, Eternal, Infinite One Deity of Life.

In my own personal time and space both here anchoring a formed expression that is physical  and in many other simultaneous formed expressions on many octaves of our being .. both within the earth and in my higher station in this Universal Orb, always has patience and tolerance, gratefulness and the great privilege of service been necessary to cultivate and express to all I make contact with; allowing the appearances of the darkness and the small ignorances which exist and do seem to thrive .. to be existing for the time that it needs to fructify into Light .. and knowing that I AM everywhere in the Father's Presence .. this Body I AM and You Are is spread out as everything and is working to embody everyone. The Supremacy of the One Deity of Life and Love is the One Power everywhere, beloveds of My Heart and Mind, and there is absolutely no space for anything other than the One God we all share.

...and know this beloveds, as you have done it unto the least one of these, the least of the kingdoms of existence, even so, a very tiny fly on your table or wall, then you have done it unto Me.

...and in doing it unto Me you have surely done the same unto Thee.

Michael Of Nebadon


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