Self Directive Governing Intelligence I AM

When I said, "I AM the Resurrection and the Life of Perfection", I was showing the people how to become the Self Directive Governing Intelligence of the I AM within themselves. I was demonstrating the powers of Invitation of the descent of the Universe Mother Flame through the Host of Heaven.

Today, I remind each seeker and aspirant, as well as My disciples of today who are determined to attain to their own Seamless Garment of Living Light .. the Immortal Body of the I AM through union with the Spirit of Bestowal.

Be unafraid to confront thine mistakes of the past, and to transfigure these misqualifications into the purity of the Father's Life; for He has given unto thee this great spirit endowment of consciousness and life for you as a mortal creature to willingly share your life with together as One.

Come unto Me, all ye who are weighed down by the ignorances of lacking knowledge and understanding. I make the blind to see, and I offer the deaf the chance to hear once again. All these things shall be healed and blessed by our fellowship and association of sovereign discipleship together; for I ask of thee adherence to the great law of living. In this exact way shall you find your entrance into the Kingdom of His Sovereignty, and the living network of the Diety of Supremacy with the administration of our universe.

Michael Of Nebadon 


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