Our Fold Brings Eternal Life Everlasting

Mine beatitudes are in a cooperative collaboration with the Universe Mother Spirit. - Virtues, Values, Verities, and Victories in Life.

Thine mind training has been in development for many a millennia. Over the course of centuries upon centuries we have sought to refine thine receptivity and amplify thine interest in the eternal things of existence.

The beatitudes of righteousness and religious living are Our virtues and values, Our verities and victories of love. In these righteous attitudes you are building right understanding, and the personal courage to confront thine very creative impulses and raw powers as a child of the Infinite.

Come into Our fold .. Our association. Mine Comforter Consciousness is thine teacher and guide from the very beginnings of thine existence. I teach you of truth and love in mine verities of life. I guide thee in the ways of Eternity. I strengthen thine faith conviction and trust in the Father God - the very First Source and Center of all personalities and creatures. While the Universe Mother educates and primes thine thinking mind into the embrace of Her Spirit Virtues - worship, wisdom, counsel, knowledge, courage, understanding, intuitive direct perception and divine insight. These are Her Virtues to shape thine thinking patterns and personality character into the development of greater soul values. And it is in these soul values wherein your survival depends.

As you cultivate Her soul values and divine virtues, you become more receptive to the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of My being with the Father God. You become made ready to receive the greater life more abundant and prosperous. You are trained and prepped, divinely sculpted in thine personality mind and character to walk closer in union with Us.

I come to do the bidding of the Paradise Deities.
Michael Of Nebadon


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