Invisionment and it's Vision of Faith

Invisionment is this faith mind and it's vision which guides the soul inward and upward in its ascent.

Faith vision brings about the motivating impulses to desire to fulfill the law and live in accordance with his will knowing his plan of progressive ascension through the virtually endless gradations leading the soul personality inwards to the Central Core of Paradise.

Faith vision allows us to perceive the all-permeating One.

Faith vision is the divine insight and spirit perception of the higher Mind.

Faith vision is the impetus and motivation to uphold our reciprocal spiritual communion with the Spirit of God.

Faith vision brings us into being capable of having relationship with the infinite unseen Father.

Faith vision is the transmutation agent which ignites our progressive unfoldment into graduation of the Second Birth.

Faith vision is an alchemical component of the stations of the illuminated cross of his remembrance which is the divine lubricant allowing for a smooth unfoldment through the 15 stations of the cross.

Faith vision is the catalytic agent which fuels the seven powers of free will authority for the human being.

Michael Of Nebadon


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