Blessed are the World Weary Ones

Beloveds of Mine Heart and Consciousness...
Ye must begin in thine cultivation of the eternal virtues of the Mother of our Universe. She continues to nurture thine mind and heart with her Spirit Virtues. These virtues do prepare the soul to amplify its receptivity and its release of the materialization and density in consciousness. Her virtues build within the seeker a fertility by which the mind can become renewed through Mine Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter. The Universe Mother's virtues broaden thine perspectives, and open thee to inhale more of the flavors of the Eternal One God. Her virtues do weave in you and through you the Infinite tapestries and harmonies of the Infinite Spirit.

Behold .. thine minds must become an instrument for the development and growth of thine character, and as thine character does grow and mature into the eternal and everlasting perspectives, only then shall thine personality become the greater fulcrum to leverage the powers and authority of your spirit endowment of consciousness - the very Life of the Father God is a gift which allows you to cross over the bridge into the Kingdom of Heaven as you learn of Our way .. its precepts and prerequisites to the progressive attainments of the Kingdom of the Father.

I release unto thee .. each one who will receive of Us .. the Comforter Consciousness of Mine being and Spirit.

Michael Of Nebadon


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