Transfiguration Flame Cometh

My promises to you I have kept.My love and guidance is surrounding you at all times .. even in your darkest moments which shall pass more quickly for you as you keep your covenant with Me through Paradise Trinity Endowment .. the Divine Circuits of Living Intelligence of Father Son Spirit .. and the righteousness of thine character and consciousness in applying the spirit endowment of consciousness which is thine own possession and greater potential.

Identify not with thine lesser imperfections .. thine ephemeral nature and mortal identity.

Embrace it all .. as I am returning to My disciples their misqualifications in perfect ways. Yet .. become flooded in adoration and acceptance of the Father's Bestowal of Himself .. His Spirit Substance from the Paradise Core of Himself. He gives to thee Animation and His Life .. His Creative Impulses do come in waves of glory and honor to transfigure those who have the inner resolve to fulfill the law and live His Will. To step free into thine awaiting inheritance and Universe Citizenship. . .

More and still more clearly shall ye hear Me .. through Mine Comforter Spirit who shall not make you notice Him .. yet He shall come into your midst to give you courage and conviction .. confidence and communions throughout thine days and evenings .. Our eternal fellowship together shall blossom into an overflowing torrent of Everlasting Life and Attainment.

And there shall come this day when I shall speak directly into thine Heart. Ye shall know of Me in fuller consciousness as ye walk with Me in the protection of Mine Precepts.

Make steady use of the Mirror of Veils to redeem thine errors .. and to recapture the Father's Pure Life as I send It back to you for your transfiguring fulfillment.

Thine burdens shall grow lighter .. less cumbersome .. and steadily shall thee own thine power to create in His Nature and His Name.

Christ Michael of Nebadon


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