Thine Sovereignty in the Paradise Trinity

The Spirit Endowment of Consciousness .. these are thine authority and rights, thine powers and abilities to bring forth determination and devotion for the One Nameless Undifferentiated Absolute.

To be about thine Father's business is to be in a perpetual communion with His indwelling and presiding Spirit Life within you.

Thus, to 'take Communion' is to partake of Mine Body in the Christ that I AM. I would say unto each soul .. eat of Mine Body and drink deeply of Mine Waters of Grace and Mercy; for I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life of the Universal Father Son Spirit.

Come unto Me, and I shall give thee Life overflowing with the fullness and potence of the Father's Divine Substance.

And this Life shall become for you a spring of perpetual quickening of all misqualifications, and every particle of the Father's Life of His Consciousness that ye have sown misfortune with .. these shall become purified .. rarified .. transmuted into thine Eternal Embrace of the Kingdom . . .

Michael of Nebadon


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