Thine Immaculate Homogeneous Existence

"I AM Crystal Diamond Shining Luminosity .. Cosmic Fire of Resurrection."

Daily apply thine powers and authority of thine Spirit Endowment of Consciousness .. this gift of the Life of the Father bestowed upon each one must be utilized with righteousness and honor in order to enter into His Kingdom of peace and prosperity .. protection and empowerment in Him.

How we use the gift of our Consciousness and Life determines our destiny. Thine Consciousness has certain natural and inherent ways that it is designed to operate and function.

As you come into this very knowledge .. ye shall experience a great unleashing of all thine goodness .. truth .. and internal beauty. It is the Universal Father .. His Life and Existence .. that you are seeking to bring forth into manifestation.

...and His laws of manifestation and mastery must be applied by you. Thine reciprocal spiritual communion and the consciousness of His Supremacy in and around you .. must be adhered to.

The Laws of Mastery and Manifestation:

1. Magnify the Lord God in all thine days.

2. Magnetize the Cleansing Fire of His Love through the Planetary Host of Heaven.

3. Transform all thine opposing momentums and misqualifications .. thine errors which have accumulated all around thee.

Command these momentums to become extinguished in the Fire of His Omnipresence and Omnipotence.

4. Maintain thine burgeoning Mastery by staying active with thine Spirit Endowment of Consciousness.

5. Manifest His will and plan of salvation as you "take up thine human cross" through the Stations of Remembrance which lead thee to the "crucifixion" of thine ephemeral mortal limited human nature .. as you place this lesser nature and identity upon the illuminated cross of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Humanity.

Call each day .. even several times in the day .. upon the Infinite Universe Mother Spirit .. Her Holy Spirit .. through the Majesty of the Planetary Host.

Invite the divine radiation of the Mother Flame to saturate your energy field .. and to transmute and transfigure all in opposition to thine well being in the Christ of thyself.

Be the Self Directive Governing I AM .. this is the One in you that desires with passion to expand the Kingdom .. to establish His Mastery in you.

As you invite the "I AM" - think of this as the living Consciousness and Pure Life Essence of the Father God who resides in thine midst nearer than hands and feet and more intimate and closer than thine breathing. He is thine Consciousness .. Untainted and Undifferentiated Absolute .. Immaculate Homogeneous Existence .. who desires that you share your mortal creaturehood with Him.

In this remembrance and relationship .. this recignition and revelation of thine meaning and purpose .. I come with the Universe Mother and the Universal Host led by Gabriel of Salvington .. into thine octaves of the earth .. to inculcate and to penetrate thine human thought waves and the ephemeral currents of mortality .. in order to raise that mortality into its destiny in the immortal realms of Life.

...the Second Birth of the Eternal Embrace into the Father's Kingdom.

Christ Michael of Nebadon


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