Discipleship at Salvington College

At our Society you are absorbing a new way of living and approaching your life and it's challenges from a new vantage point of perceiving. A higher point of view. A perspective more aligned with the Spirit of Bestowal of the Father. You are becoming acquainted with Our Ideal and the Everlasting and Eternal Beatitudes of the Paradise Trinity Endowment.

You are reading and pondering and taking upon thine soul a fuller divinely inspired perspective, and a broader awareness of thine very godhood .. you are gradually considering our Ideal and creating the inner space and heightened receptivity to accept Our Energies and Consciousness ..and the eternal verities of Our principles and precepts that are being offered to you.

After nine months to a one year introduction and beginning gestation time .. and this minimum time for reading mine writings and receiving the transference of My energies .. the Eternal Word .. and acclimating to your initial introduction to our Society .. you've felt the inner impulse to take the next steps into Salvington College .. you are deciding that this is a pathway for you to take. You become more 'caught up' with Me in a right and proper faith and divine trust, and you've been having some personal transformative experiences with the applying of My Simple Way into the Everlasting Truth .. in order to discover the Life of the Eternal Father in you.

Salvington College is for those personality souls who find that they have an indwelt burning desire for graduation into immortality .. the completion of their mortal career through the threefold initiation of atonement .. the Second Birth of the Eternal Embrace.

-Michael of Nebadon

A disciple aspirant, Michalis Balaouras, shares his experience on how he views this unfoldment of priorities and his experience in participating at Salvington College.

He shares ...

In a private dialogue with Michael of Nebadon, he asked me how I viewed Salvington College, and how I would describe what we're doing here.

Salvington College is for those sincere aspirants who are sent by our Father, and who are dedicated to go 'all the way' in raising their entire lower nature and becoming eternally fused with the Bestowed Spirit of the Father within them.

People coming to SC must apply to be admitted as a true disciple of Paradise Trinity Endowment of Father Son Spirit.

We.. aspirants... are studying with Michael of Nebadon, the Universe Mother Spirit, and the Immortal Host of Heaven - the Planetary Host of angels and immortal beings who have completed their own earthly evolutionary journey, and have eternally become One with their own Father Spirit.. just like we're aspiring to become. They've chosen to take the very next steps into personality soul immortality.

We are being taught of the precepts of the Kingdom of Heaven in a way that is detailed and purely religious in all ways possible. Each day, we practice the Embracing Eternity Exercises - the EEE's of our free will authority and ability, powers and rights as a child of the Universal Father becoming His son and daughter, you might say. At Salvington College Seminary (SCS as I enjoy calling it), I am learning to combine the exercises of embracing eternity with an aspect of the EEE'S called Impregnation. Impregnation is the actual yoga of Salvington College Seminary coupled with the Embracing Eternity Exercises. This is the Pure Yoga of Salvington College Seminary. It is the original teaching that Christ Michael gave to his disciples.

In this teaching ideal in order to enter and expand the Kingdom, you're shown how we were originally created and designed to function and successfully operate - in righteousness and dignity - from the beginning of times, and how we will be able to more fully function when we have become an immortal being, an Individualization of the Father Source in finite time and space creation. This is becoming born once again. Birthed from the 'gestation period' of evolution within this planet and established as a universe citizen.

Michael and the Universe Mother Spirit with the Host is teaching us the Plan of Salvation, it daily application of its principles of harmony and justice, balance and realization, and also, how the Universal Father Son Spirit designed things in this particular universe with and through our Michael of this universe - the Order of the Creator Son Michael, and the Order of the Infinite Daughter Spirit of this universe that is our home.

We are being taught in a very natural and yet, unusual sort of way with Michael in the flesh at this time, and eternally, through his very Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter.

At Salvington College, we are helped, supported, and intimately guided in our remembrance of our fellowship with Christ Michael and our relationship with him. We are guided in our understanding of the Law of Existence which allows us to bring full balance and harmony to all of our misqualfications and mistakes from every single lifetime of our experience. We are being shown how to purify every single error in our lower bodies of mental, emotional, physical and etheric through invoking and inviting the Infinite Omnipotence of God's Grace and Eternal Forgiveness in our relationship with the Third Person of the Trinity Source - the Infinite Spirit and His personalization as the Universe Mother Spirit Holy Spirit.

The Society of Michael of Nebadon offers a bi-monthly live global fellowship for new seekers who may be exploring this avenue into Truth and Love, and for aspirants of the Universe Son and Spirit.

Our Societies are online communities that have been created, and are upheld and maintained by certain aspirants in service and unconditional support to expand and extend the Living Ideal of Christ Michael of Nebadon. The communities offer Michael's writings, and there is a very safe and secure space created and upheld to ask questions and to deepen our exploration of Truth and Love.

Salvington College continues for me to be a station that I tune into, and in this attunement with my own spirit endowment of consciousness, I'm able to refine and restructure myself into a more actualized realization and revelation of my relationship with the Universal Father Son Spirit of our existence.

Through the Holy Comforter of Truth of Michael, and through his physical time within the earth, my mind is becoming more lucid and clear, and I'm becoming filled with a very passionate sense of purpose and meaning, values and the eternal virtues of living a more abundant and successful life in all ways.

Mikis Michalis Balaouras


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