Understanding our Yoga at Salvington College Seminary

Blessings to each one of you.. From your dearest friend and fellow aspirant.

On behalf of Michael and through my own inspiration I want to share how I work out the Yoga exercises at Salvington College Seminary, which is the "Pure Yoga of the Embracing Eternity Exercises".

This Yoga is the way we work at Salvington College Seminary towards embracing eternity each day, and is just one aspect of what Michael has called, our Spirit Endowment of Consciousness. The EEE's, having seven free will powers, are Michael's Kingdom Yoga to prepare us in expanding the Kingdom of the Father in us and through us.

I do our Yoga, perhaps, around 2-3 times a week. Personally, and as recommended by Michael, it would be optimal to do this Yoga every second day.

I mostly use these exercises when I feel the new waves of Energies from my Christic Presence come in and I need to move these Energies by distributing It through my entire cellular and atomic structure.

Our Yoga is using the power of Impregnation, and is an excellent and a necessary complement in order to impregnate, integrate,  and distribute the Spirit of the Father God who is the Will of God desiring to manifest more fully throughout all of our four lower bodies of mental, emotional, physical and etheric.

So... as I wake up in the morning, I put on some meditative music and I position myself with a straight back up against the wall behind me. I stretch out my legs and I open up between my legs, so to make some space for when I'm stretching my entire body in between my legs.

Now I invite the presence of the Universe Mother and her Holy Spirit, the Holy Comforter of Michael, and the Presence of the Father's Spirit, the I AM.

I ask for my beloved elder brothers and sisters of the Host of Heaven to share their Radiance with me.

I then begin to take deep breaths in order to make myself ready for this exercise wanting to give my fullest attention and dedication.

In the first phase of our Yoga at Salvington, I begin to stretch myself in between my legs. I don't push myself all the way down to start with, but gradually I bend more and more over/down while I hold my breath in certain intervals. This can be a painful process, because when I stretch physically I am moving and distributing the Light Energies. I am working to gradually transfigure my human field of density to a greater and more advanced field of receptivity, and all the purification of my lower vibrational matter is an arduous process at certain times as you all well know. I am digesting the waves of Love, and it is, as I experience it, a demanding discipline that challenges me most days.

I do this stretching in about 15-25 mins.. It depends on the size of the portions of the Father's divine presence coming in.

In the second phase I am demanding myself to give each lower body my fullest attentive focus, saying "I now demand myself to give all attention to my mental body". I stay in around 3-5mins in each body of the mental, emotional, physical and etheric.

During this phase I continually say "I AM the Enfolding Presence of Myself".

This phase is creating stilness in my mental and emotional body, and at the same time I'm having the great chance of observing all of the lower thoughts and feelings as they are streaming. I do the 3R's of Recognizing, Releasing and Redeeming as I Re-capture those misqualifications, and I for example say to myself:

"I recognize I have upsetness in my emotional body, and I take full ownership while I offer it all to You, my Father, in my desire to raise these energies into the state of Original Pure Life"...

I always write down after the Yoga practice what misqualfications I've observed during this second phase for it truly provides a grand opportunity to become aware of what is happening in those lower bodies of ours.

In the third phase I'm doing a similar thing as in the second phase, but now I'm becoming aware of my higher bodies, the Christ Mind, the Causal Repository Body, and our Highest point of I Individuality, the I AM of the Father's Bestowal Spirit and Presence. I take them one by one, and again, I give around 4-5 mins to each. During this process I say to myself:

"I AM Pure White Fire the Majesty of Love".
"I AM Pure White Fire, Christ Perfection".

The Infinite Christ Mind is the Mind of the Infinite Soirit of Paradise in creation. It is the Ocean of His Supremacy. It is all around us, as us, and is our Higher Truer Mind in contrast to our lower mind. It is this Mind we will align with more fully as we transfigure our lower mind and human nature.

Our Causal Body is stationed above us, in the higher octaves of Light, and is where all of our ever used constructive energies are stored in eternity.

The Father's Presence is His Spirit, given to us to gradually merge within our personality and it's four lower bodies. His Bestowal Spirit is His Life, and it is our eternal being that must become drawn down into our moral human existence in order to gradually quicken and refine our temporary form into a permanent and everlasting form that hokds, as Christ Michael says, eternal capabilities. It is the Life of this Father Principle that outpours and expands Its own Pure Energies because it comes from the Source and Center and is continually streaming to us in human form. As we work with the powers of our free will Consciousness in the Embracing Eternity Exercises, and as we practice this yoga of impregnating our field of density, this same field become more greatly attuned and aligned vibrationally to enter into the Kingdom of the Father. His Paradise Spirit of bestowal, the Light and Life of Him, can come  through and down into our lower bodies as we work these exercises and the yoga disciplines. His energies are the Life and consciousness sustaining us with His Life in every second of our existence, so that we can exist, feel, think, act and move.

Now... in the fourth phase of our Yoga, which is really just the sixth power of Impregnation in the Embracing Eternity Exercises - our preparing for candidacy in the threefold atonement or initiation of the Second Birth, I am inviting the Eternal Substance of the Father's Spirit Presence to impregnate my field of receptivity to embody even more of My potential divine nature.

I say: "I AM Pure White Fire, Christ Perfection and the Majesty of Love".

I invision the White Purity Fire as it descends from within and above me, and I continue to  decree with full confident expectation, determination, and faith trust confidence in my relationship with this Bestowal Spirit, the Father within me here. I feel His Energies as vibrating sensations in and all around me which are transmuting the densities and refining me in all ways.

When this phase is completed, I'm now ready to meet the day and to live more in harmony with the Father in me and all around me in everything and everyone. I am living the  conscious yoga of union in my consciousness.

I seek opportunities in my surroundings where I can allow My Radiance to touch all Life around Itself. To be of Service... To practice Selflessness... To be more willing to Sacrifice the lower impulses, desires and  tendencies in order to be of better use for the Divine to work in me, through me, for me, by me, and as Me.

For I find that none of this work with the EEE's, it's attendant Yoga of Impregnation, and the harvesting of what I have sown in times past are of use unless I can share all that renewed strength, love and power with all Life around me. To be of Service to Our Father allowing Him to pour through me here His glory and power to help others. This provides me with real happiness to give, give and further give an opportunity for the Father to extend and expand the Kingdom of His Sovereignty establishing His harmony and healing for all ...

So dear friends, as you might have noticed, the Science of our Yoga at Salvington is really the Embracing Eternity Exercises whereby the sixth power of Impregnation gives to us this way I described above, to incorporate more of  the energies and Presence of the Kingdom into our daily lives. It becomes a very transfiguring experience for us to enter into and become more fully actualized.

So, to be clear here and review, our Yoga at Salvington College Seminary is a part of the Embracing Eternity Exercises to enter into the Kingdom. The EEE's are composed of these seven parts:

1. Invocation and Pure Worship incorporating the divine beatitudes of Adoration, Acknowledgment, Appreciation, Acceptance, Accountability, Awareness, Affection, Alignment, Allegiance, Attention,  and All-Consuming Love and Devotion. These do grow and mature our character, consciousness, and relationship with the Paradise Father.

2. Instruction through Christ Michael and the Mother Spirit in both his physical expression as he remains with us physically here, and eternally, through the teacher and guidance of his Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter.

3. Inquiry is taking a closer look at our misqualifications and transfiguring these errors each day by journaling and asking to have a chance to be shown our misqualified conditions through the divine reflections and the mirror of life.

Then, taking the steps of the Three R's of fulfilling the Father's Law in recognizing the misqualified conditions, releasing others and the outer story and contextual appearance as having been the cause of these misqualifications, and redeeming the misqualified karmas by asking the Father to return to us what we had sown in the past that is misaligned with His will. We are then spending some time re-embracing the unpleasant energies that have arisen in us. This, as Michael has explained, is our requirement to fulfill the law of our life. To re-experience and re-embrace the karmas .. the 'jots and tittles' .. the misqualifications that only we set into motion.

4. Identification with the pure Father Spirit and His Nature and Consciousness.

5.Invisionment is perceiving this Ideal of the Paradise Trinity Endowment and understanding the Powers of the Endowment of Consciousness that we've been given in order to choose to have the Universal Father establish His Perfection in us. Invisionment is holding the Ideal that we are moving ourselves into His Immaculate Conception for us. This is the original divine design for humanity to progress towards and become.

6. Impregnation is the actual yoga of Salvington College Seminary, coupled with the other six powers of our endowment of consciousness in gradually changing our field of density into a field of receptivity .. and then positioning us to accept and experience a brand new field of Immortality; Michael refers to that sometimes as the Seamless Garment of Immaculate Illumination.

Impregnation is the practicing of breathing in the Descent of the Cosmic Fire of the Mother’s Holy Spirit .. and this occurs through our own bestowal Father Spirit with the supportive radiation of the Planetary Host.

This sixth power of the endowment of our consciousness - Impregnation - is to be combined and coupled with the other powers in our Embracing Eternity Exercises daily.

Impregnation is essential towards allowing the Father Son Spirit to impregnate us as mortal with their Everlasting Life; preparing us to become candidates for our own threefold atonement of Transfiguration,  Resurrection,  and Ascension.  This is our Eternal Initiation into Universe Citizenship .. the Second Birth of the Eternal Embrace in entering into the Kingdom of Heaven,  as Michael refers to it.

7. Invitation is our seventh power of the Endowment of the Father's Consciousness in us, and it is our invitation to the Father Son Spirit to share our life with Him, and for us to bring His Life here with us. Invitation is your welcoming receptivity to have Michael's Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter come and teach us, guiding us into greater Truth, and enhancing and reminding us of our fellowship with Michael beyond the physical life. Invitation hives permission to the Father's Spirit to have greater harmonizing control in establishing the Kingdom. Invitation allows the Planetary Host to draw down to us the Infinite Mother Spirit Holy Spirit.

To establish His Life into and through the human mortal life is given to us as a free will gift to inherit and become in our existence. It is the way that Christ Michael explains entering into the Kingdom.

It is always, Michael has shared, our decision and free will choice as to whether we desire to share our human personality and mortal life with the Eternal and Infinite Life of the Bestowal Spirit of the Universal Father in us.

Invitation Power is our daily decree, and the willing cooperation and command of our free will choice to share our life with the Father in order to enter and expand His Kingdom down here physically.

With practicing these powers of embracing eternity, we are choosing to do the Father's will. We are becoming .. as Christ Michael shares with us .. the Self Directive Governing I AM.

Invitation brings the Descent of the Cosmic Fire of the Infinite Holy Spirit into our human life .. aligning vibrationally our mortality with the potential Immortality of union with the Paradise Spirit.

Whereas, with Invocation we are reaching upward and inward towards the Father within and above us .. Invitation is the power we have in our natural consciousness to draw down to us here in the physical mortal form .. the Father Son Spirit .. to anchor their Perfection in us.

Invitation is focused towards having the Refining Fire of Purification, which is really the Omnipotent Love, establish the higher vibratory influences in us.

These "Fires"  are highly impregnating changing everything that is opposed to Love .. into It's Love.

Invitational decrees offer the Fires of Love coming from the Father and the Host of Heaven the opportunity to help us prepare for union.

As I work with Invitation Power, I couple it with the other powers of Invisionment and Impregnation, Identification and Inquiry, Invocation and Instruction.

The Fires are the Flames of the Planetary Host who gather the Infinite Spirit Mother's divine presence energies and qualify Her Presence with certain particular constructively qualified virtues and values.

All of these exercises at the College have been an essential and immeasurable support for me in learning the Identification with Our Christic Nature and Consciousness... and fulfilling the great law through Inquiry, has purified and cleared my personal consciousness more alike to the Universal Christic consciousness because I've cleared up my lower nature more as I've become aware of my lower bodies.

I can only encourage you to practice this Yoga as I find it to be of the highest benefit for my well-being and expansion into an even greater expression of the potential of the Christ I AM.

I send you each my deepest love, and appreciation for being here with me in this process of aspirantship with Michael and the Universe Mother and the Host, and our Candidacy for the Second Birth of the Eternal Embrace.

~ Mikis



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