Transfiguration of the Circumstantial into the Existential

All circumstances that appear in our surroundings are of our own creating. Everything is thine manifestation .. the exteriorization of your interiorization in consciousness. Those qualities that have become imposed and impressed upon your personality soul by your thoughts and feelings and attentive focus.

That which ye have sown into the tapestry of thine field of soul .. must at some certain point become you exteriorization .. your environments .. and your circumstances.

To change the circumstantial into greater harmony .. ye must transfigure your interiorizations .. those tainted and impure qualities that have been impressed by you upon your personality soul.

Ye can become the Self-Luminous Directive Governing I AM through our exercises at Sovrnty Society. These exercises have you embrace the misqualified karmas of lifetimes .. transfiguring these conditions into alignment with the Primordial Father Presence.

Christ Michael of Nebadon


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