Thine Spirit Endowment of Consciousness

The Powers of your Spirit Endowment of Consciousness begin with Pure Invocation...

"Thou Infinite Father of Existence .. I give to you all my adoration and acknowledgement.  I honor the bestowed Spirit within me. I accept You as my Life and Consciousness.

"I love you my Father God .. my creator and sustainer. The source of my life and the Creator of my existence.

"All power and glory is thine. All credit and achievement for every good and true and beautiful thing in my life .. comes from you .. out of you unfathomable Being.

"I lay claim to my inheritance by preparing in me a greater place to receive You in my personal consciousness. I cooperate with your will and way to shape my existence within the destiny of your glory and honor .. your love and intelligence .. I ask that you take filler control of my life and world .. bringing me into your Perfection of unconditional love and mercy."

This Spirit Endowment of Consciousness includes the Power of Invitation... this is your privilege to serve the Universal Father by expanding His Kingdom in you and through you .. raising you into union with Him. He expands your mortal frame into an immortal soul personality of eternal capacity and expression.

With Invitation .. you are pro-creatively drawing into your human experience the descent of the Cosmic Fire of Infinite Spirit of Paradise through the Mother and then down through the Planetary Host of Heaven.

"I AM Pure Violet Transfiguration Flame .. Infinite Luminous Ascended Sacred Fire Mercy. "

Christ Michael of Nebadon


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