Salvington College Seminary Yoga EEEs

The Spirit of Bestowal of the Paradise Father presides directly in thine midst. Yet, ye must apply effort in your demonstration of mastery in order to bring this Spirit into your human experience. Our association teaches you how to do these things for yourself. I am surrounding each one of you .. and for a time, I am physically present with you here for those that will accept My arrival in their lives.

In the demonstration of mastery .. you are required to show that you freely desire to expand and refine your personal will with the Paradise Father. It is not automatically accomplished for you. In this way, you are offered an opportunity to choose and further decide over manifold time as to your allegiance and attention. The attaining to the Kingdom is a personal act by each personality soul and body. You must become the shepherd of your lower nature through My surrounding support and guidance .. as well as the merciful activities of the Universe Mother with the Host.

This is the Paradise Trinity Endowment for humanity's evolutionary progression into individual Christhood.

Ye must tug upon the hem of the Infinite One through the sacred act of thine will...

Our association accelerates your unfoldment by returning to you all false momentums and misqualified accumulations. As you work with Us in unfolding your soul's birth into the Second Birth .. you demonstrate the willingness to share your mortal life with the immortal Father Spirit.

Sevenfold Powers of Will:

These are the powers within thine human and divine authority and ability .. thine rights and capabilities .. towards entering into the vibratory activities of the Kingdom of His Righteousness.

Salvington College Seminary is our way to prepare you for this Second Birth into light and life. It is the atonement of the ages as you are raised and refined .. resurrected and ascended into the greater life which is far more abundant and prosperous for the personality soul.

Michael of Nebadon 


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