Life Eternal and Abundant is Yours

Momentum is the Self created thrusting power which actually washes throughout the personality soul and lifts you into the Second Birth of Light and Life.

Our administration is conducting the very same trajectory for all the constellations. I am instructing each aspirant in their righteous use of free will.

We designed humanity's creative privilege to enhance their life upon the earth; and correctly applied, ye shall walk steadily into the Kingdom of His Consciousness and Sovereignty.

Ye shall be established in the vibratory octaves of immortality and an Indestructible Garment or body of Light and eternal life shall be your inheritance after fulfilling the law here in the flesh garment .. and beginning to walk within the Father's nature and identity.

This beloveds .. is the way to become born once again into the spirit personality you are designed to expand into once you master your creations by transfiguring all fear and doubt. I have given to you .. my aspirants .. these Sevenfold Powers to enter eternally into the Kingdom of Eternity.

Now .. it is your responsibility to demonstrate your masterful learnings from the body of flesh. It is truth .. that you were never designed to fall into degenerative decomposition and death. I and the Father Son Spirit have created you to have life abundant and everlasting.

Michael of Nebadon


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