Immersion in the Father's Kingdom of Mercy

Invite Me to come into your personal consciousness to give you greater sustenance and aid .. to guide you into a fuller union with the Father God .. and His Kingdom of Love and Mercy.

As you call upon My Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter and are willing to sincerely receive My guidance, I can transmit to you day by day My conviction of faith and benevolent trust.

In the Comforter of My being and with the Universe Mother Spirit .. we work together in slightly different fashion to offer to you an accelerated progression into the Kingdom of His Sovereignty. The Father of Existence resides within you as a particle of His Substance .. His Spiritual Force of Consciousness .. and this minute particle when invited and cooperated with holds the omnipotent capacity to wash away all your misqualified karmas, to relieve you of every deficit and defeat and imperfectly qualified density that you carry within.

This is Our association together that I am offering to you each and all .. the Paradise Trinity Endowment of Father Spirit within you, Mine Holy Comforter Spirit, and the Holy Spirit of the Universe Mother.

We have come in this simple way to bring to your consciousness Our remembrance .. and a way for you to accelerate your progressive unfoldment into the Seamless Garment of Eternal Life .. the Second Birth .. the Kingdom of Eternity shall ye enter into as ye believe as I share with you in Our Ideal, and as you give your daily applications to embrace eternity.

Invite Me in My Comforter which does surround you and is within you. I walk with thee every step of your journey. Let us co-create your journey into the Immaculate Conception of your personal immortality .. becoming a personalized individualization of the Supremacy of God and a member ascended of the network of Our Universe Administration through the Host of Heaven.

Christ Michael of Nebadon


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