I do understand beloveds .. that you would like to have a relationship or the blossoming of your current relationship to bloom well, and that you desire to have a career .. an expression of your gifts and talents, but we know that this internal search is a priority in your life. For now is the opportune time to maximize your relationship with the Father, to realize his nature and identity, and to give your allegiance to this force of His Life that presides within you...

In this and for this internal priority I have come into the human octaves of density and drama, to give you of My Spirit of Truth, My conviction of faith and trust, and My understanding knowledge offered to you in behalf of your unfoldment journey within the earth. I come to train you in the maturity of character and the refinement of your consciousness.

Always is Our divine eternal relationship and association concerned with individuals and then only the civilization. Individuals are intended to step upward their progressions into light by adhering to the great laws and aligning with the One will. 

Always does it remain the prerogative of the individual free will choice whether they evolve into the greater portion of light that remains their inheritance.

Always will I surround you in Mine Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter Presence .. waiting upon your receptivity to guide you, to teach thine way into further progressions of maturity and consciousness.

I am thine Elder brother, thine Father Son, and thine very Selfhood.

~Michael of Nebadon


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