As ye place thine attentive devotions and focus upon the unchanging Father ... the Undifferentiated Absolute ... you build integration with Life.. with the One Reality .. and in this integration you are lifted and raised, clarified and refined, purified and quickened. As this is the one and only Power and Force that can bring to us Life. The alternative is placing thine life focus and worshipping the ever changing appearances and these effects do bring about for you disintegration .. and this trajectory is vibrationally in opposition to all Life everywhere present throughout the universes. So, you would be going up against the actual Infinite flow of the Universal Source and Center, and the flow of most all of creation in existence.

Worship the Causeless Cause .. the Infinite Absolute .. the Unending, Never-beginning and Never-ending One .. givng thine allegiance and love, thine acceptance and acknowledgement .. to this One Primordial Cause .. the Causeless Cause of existence. Only He .. through His Infinite Power and Intelligence can bring about thine transfiguration and Integration with Life.

I teach ye of Mine beatitudes of living Life .. living the Life that you are...

Be in adoration of the One Source and vibrate to appreciating His glory and goodness. It is all in the vibrational attunement that you are in your consciousness. This attunement stems from your magnification powers .. as ye are a magnet for all that you have ever magnified .. for ye hold the creative free will power to magnify through your focused attention and thought feeling nature whatsoever ye choose, whatsoever ye desire to have more of in thine life. Whatsoever ye decide to worship in this way, you are building an accumulated momentum that will continue to act in your existence, even throughout all thine lifetimes of traversing through the evolution of the Earth world. Only, as you deem it worthy to change this trajectory and momentum, shall it become changed through thine conscious command to redeem the qualities that you've set into motion with your free will.

I come once again to instruct thee in this great law .. a law which works independent of personsonalities; regardless of your personal stature and your reputation .. the law operates for all equally. Even that infant or child who comes into this world and receives back its own effects from inner certain causes that had been set into motion by him or herself at an earlier moment in time and space... all is operating in His pure justice through this law of cause and effect. Even in nature you can see this law in its operation as you toss a stone upon the surface of a pond; outward from that point of impact there is a ripple effect from that initial cause. The only difference here is with each one of us the ripple effect continues to move outward until you call it back.

~ Michael of Nebadon


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