Deep profound reliance upon Him is the key. I am at one with Him in this attempt to reach the minds and hearts of humanity. My Spirit of Truth does surround you and is thine teacher and friend, thine guide and gauge, yet, your destination is within His Presence indwelling. This relationship brings about divine realization. It brings forth divine perspective and the Holy perceptions of His imminent Presence. It begins forward from within you the bound up potentiality of divinity which is thine own to lay claim to. This is thine inheritance.

Through the power of decision, the soul can aspire to the heights of mastery and eternal freedoms in righteousness of free will. Gathering thine force from ages past...lifetimes ago, and bringing all error into the present lifetime by calling for completion .. this is a decision of only the boldly courageous soul who dares to become accountable and live within the quickening of God's virtues.

Michael of Nebadon


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