Ye have come unto a place where the road pointeth upward. Ye have lived among the misguided and the ignorant. Now ye dwell amid the more dove-like. I tell you that our divinely purposed instruction shall encompasseth your days as you associate with Us; your nights shall be filled with the invitations to the Host of Heaven. Their Flames of Love will devour all that is currently working in opposition to your advancements and the attainments of knowledge. Presently, we come unto you with God’s wisdom and his love, his power and his glory. We come to help you open to receive these divine gifts, these virtues hailing from the Eternal One.

We come with the infinite strength and lucidity to offer you a permanent escape from the illusions of immediate gratifications and temporal sensory addictions and false pleasures that inundate you from the media and the cultural collective race consciousness.

We stand with you to set thine feet on the sure road of truth and goodness and love everlasting; rest thine head and heart upon the Father who presides within you and has been guiding thine way since the advent of your existence. Listen to Him who yearns to blend with you and create together a new being with immortal and eternal capacities for creativity and love and service.

~Michael of Nebadon 


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