Truly, I have told you that the Father hath prepared His universe for you, that ye being children of the One God have the authority and right to catapult thyself into true sonship and daughtership; that you may manifest thine radiance through the majesty of invoking his love and mercy; that the opportunity lies before you to know your own godhood.

Behold I say unto you now, he who is given the power of free will trust is destined to comply with adherence to the Father’s will and way. His pathway brings to you the just and exquisite royal road to thine own salvation.

Arouse yourselves! Be exceedingly glad that you have embarked upon this journey. Be willing to receive of those who I send into thine midst with instruction and divine benevolence ready to be given to you.

Surrender thine opposing streams of momentum and come closer unto Us who are given the mission to descend into thine midst in order to be of help and sustenance. Those come unto you who do minister unto you with wisdom are given these things from Our domain. They come carrying with them the particles of Our essence and intelligence made ready for thine digestion.

Behold We enfold you; behold We say unto you, become more than a child of the Father, but become His own individualization by eternally choosing his will and way, and then allowing for the necessary changes to accelerate thine progressive expansion.

~Michael of Nebadon


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