True understanding is not just an intellectual feat but it is the fullness of assimilation through all the levels of the psyche. “Eating” does not mean the placing of food on the tongue. Eating is worthwhile only when the food is chewed and swallowed and digested and assimilated in the blood stream and transformed into muscle and bone, into strength and vigour.

So too, understanding must permeate and invigorate .. it must incite and ignite every atomic particle into full illumination in all the moments of life. It must be expressed through all the organs and senses, through all the five senses of action and all the senses of perception until you are birthed through and through with spiritual perceptions and the glorious joy of divine insight .. perceiving the divine presence in thyself and in all others.

Knowing with a direct experience that we are living and moving and having our being in the Supreme Essence. To this high stage mankind must reach. Mere accumulation of learning is not understanding. Only virtue and the sublime transformation of one's character is true understanding.

Christ Michael of Nebadon


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