Renew thine mind within the force of My Spirit of Truth. Find thine comfort and rest...thine peace and tranquility as you open the door from your side of life into Our association. I wait upon thine choice to be taught the greater way, the higher life, and the life sustaining truth. In order to rest in My peace and My unerring will, you must be willing to let go of thine own way. Humanity is halted in their progression into My Joy and Glory ... at One with the Universal Father ... due to their stubbornness in attempting to hold onto their own preset and preconceived ideas.

Allow Our association to redefine you in light of the conceiving of the Father. His Immaculate Conception will bring to you the rewards you are hoping for, yet you are going about this in a backward way; for there can be no attainment of our refreshing companionship until you have fulfilled the law of ushering your 'sins' or what I am calling your 'misqualifications' back into Our purity and love.

Come and learn of Mine way to fulfill the law of equilibrium and balance; for whatsoever you have sown must be reaped, unless you are willing to glorify Me in your hearts and minds. When you have learned the divine art of entering into the Kingdom by transmuting your error into the light of the Father God, then you will be entering into Our association.

~Michael of Nebadon 


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