Rely upon thine Universal Father who has bestowed a fragment of his Spirit within thee. Cultivate the beatitudes of adoration and acknowledgment for Him. Align thine interests with His own, and grow thine character into the fuller maturity of perceiving thine need for transformation in His grace and purity. As you build that fulfillment in his law and order, this will overflow into being capable of living in his will, his plan, his nature and identity.

Justice belongs to Him, as only He knows the necessity of each soul's redemption into light. Concern not thine self with others' injustices, for none can escape the great law of cause and effect and its potent return upon the soul's journey. None can ascend into the heights by looking for another to vicariously atone for his own sins and errors. Each must take their own accounting in application and obedience.

-Michael of Nebadon


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