Our Invocation and Invitation and Impregnation of the One Universal Father Spirit . . .

"Thou Paradise Thought Adjuster,  Universal Father Spirit ... expand thine glory and honor, thy power and perfection. Take thine dominion and establish stability and security in mine house (soul personality).

"I give unto thee all adoration and acknowledgement .. all appreciation and acceptance.

"I align my agenda and interests in accordance with thine presence and thine will. I focus my awareness and attention with you .. thou indwelling Father Principle of the universes. I do hold an all-consuming love and devotion for thee .. Heavenly Father of Life Everlasting.

"I desire You, inordinately and with the fullness of my dedication and determination for eternal union together with thee. I place upon the altar of thine being my personality soul and my willingness to become perfected in my nature and identification with You."

Christ Michael of Nebadon


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