Our curriculum at the College will bring each individual soul to a greater point of their individualization in God. Their soul mind and personality will find itself more greatly empowered and aligned with the interests of their own God Essence ... the Spirit of the Paradise Father who has bestowed himself upon thee offering you his life. The potentials for eternal life everlasting will be made clear to you in your own mind and heart as you come to clear the old misqualifications of energies, the opposing conditions that keep you in a state of sensory density and deprivation from recieving the greater portion of divine energies. As you embrace each day his will, his nature, and his identity you will find yourself become more whole and overall, a "soul wellness' will fill your heart and mind...

And in this endeavor, we come to offer you Our support, Our guidance, and Our influence...Our conviction in feelings of fuller faith and trust in the Lord thou God within thee, so that you are virtually guaranteed to more easily and simply traverse the byways of your progression into union with the Father.

~Michael of Nebadon


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