I come unto thine human being. I and the Universe Mother Spirit do surround you and walk with you in every step. In fact, you have three, let us call them, divine circuits or avenues which allow you to reach for the greater presence. The Father dwells within thee, the Son and Mine own Spirit of Truth do surround you and are dependent upon your willing receptivity to ask and receive Me, and the Infinite Spirit and His Mother Spirit do surround all beings and things. Her Holy Spirit is the balm and peace that you seek sometimes in the world, yet the world will not be able to offer you a sustainable solution to your problems. Always, the solution is in the dissolution of your problems...the dissolving is your transfiguring of that problem through you accountability and cooperation with the laws of Life.

We come to strengthen and encourage you along your pathway regardless of the perspectives you are choosing. I offer you each to arise unto a better day by embracing the more eternal attitudes and perspectives which will give to you alignment and accordance with the Father's Spirit presiding in thine midst.

Michael of Nebadon


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