Conviction .. confidence .. cooperation .. these afford you the tenacity to cultivate a life that is consecrated to deepening your relationship with our Father God. Then, you may bring forth the consistency and concentration of your communion with Him.

I simply share with you mine approach to the everpresent Father of love. Thine ascension day by day out from the density of being caught in only the five senses and the pull of the outer world all around you .. this will begin to change for you drastically, as you embrace eternity by fulfilling the law of cause and effect .. completing the cycle brings completion. This completion unfoldment IS happiness and joy, peace and prosperity .. knowing that you are tapping into His very Happiness by becoming whole in Him.

... and it is through the Spirit of Truth that you may renew your mind into Christ everlasting. This Mind sees all blessings in all experiences. It is a Mind whole and complete in and of itself .. and its relationship with its Source. It is a Mind that includes within Itself all beings and every Kingdom. This Christ Mind is what all do seek to become. It is a Mind that incorporates both thine feelings and thoughts in One Mind.

So, I give you what I have been given by the Father Son Spirit . . .

Christ Michael of Nebadon


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