Come to Me with a teachable spirit, eager to be changed more greatly from child of God to son and daughter of the Paradise Father…

To walk within My tranquility and peace, you must quicken thine soul and person closer to the Universal light. Let go of the olden ideas and concerns that have gotten you to this place, and receive of My way. Open your mind to become emancipated intellectually; for this is the prerequisite for illumination and eternal life everlasting.

Seek Me directly in thine soul and mind. Press upon My Spirit and the Father’s Spirit who guides thine progressive awakening. Become transfigured in thine mind by invitation to My Comforter Spirit of Truth. In this way do I walk with you and the Father’s Spirit. My Comforter Spirit will renew thine mind into the everlasting completion .. the eternal verities which are truthful understandings of Our way.

Be not afraid to venture deeply into Our relationship together. Our association will bring you the great returns on your investment in time focus and energy…

I and the Universal Mother have plans for you, and as you meet Us, all purpose and hope .. every direction and discerning consecration will create Our new momentum together.

Freely give yourself increasingly to thine attentiveness to My Presence. For the Father's Spirit presides in thine mind and soul .. the Son and His Sons pervade you in My Spirit Comforter .. the Infinite Person of the Spirit is Omnipotently Omnipresent knowing all and seeing you as you truly are within the immaculate conception of the Source and Creative Center of the Trinity.

Christ Michael of Nebadon


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