Believe in the Father's great plan and design for life upon the Earth. Believe that I have come into the octave of your Earth to guide and instruct you are willing to respect and receive our association. Believe that you have the capacity to accelerate your progression into eternal life by blending and merging your personality soul with the Spirit of the Paradise Father.

...and believe that you hold thyrough your free will the right and power, the authority and ability to expand thine will into the Father's will; that He has bestowed a fragment of Himself...His Spirit from the Source of Himself...

I stand within thine midst, and for those who are ready and seriously sincere in their determination to bring all harmony and equilibrium and balance to all lifetimes, our association will bring victory to your journey. As you come to learn and receive with respect and with the willingness to make your own efforts each day, then and only then, will you experience the promise of everlasting life.

~ Christ Michael of Nebadon


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