Become healed through thine communion with the Father Principle who stands at thy doorway to eternity. Place trust and faith in Him; for He and I are One. As you focus thine attention into His Glory within you, only then do you become quickened by Him. In this way, bring your mind continually back to the Omnipresent Principle of the Father. Faith broadens thine understanding awareness into knowledge that He dwells within you and that you dwell within His Omnipresence. Rest in assurance that there is no other power existing in the universes. Blend with Him in thine cooperation that His will become expanded in you, through you, for you, by you, and as You.

Let the Light of His Presence...His effulgent glory wash through you simply by your asking to be cleansed, and allowing these necessary changes to occur for you; for the human density must become gradually raised upward in vibration through your willingness to ask and receive the Father God. In this simple way you shall focus your thoughts and feelings into relationship with Him, and He will then extend to you Our strength and conviction needed for you to face each day what must be given. Resist the clamor of all those worldly tasks which press upon you waiting to get done; for there is no end to these distractions until you decide to give your time and attentive devotional focus to the Lord thy God.

I stand at the door and knock within thine soul, awaiting with the Father and the Universal Mother Spirit to enter you more completely. My Comforter Spirit is thine everlasting teacher and guide.

Wheresoever you find yourself in your journey, therein ye shall find Me there surrounding you intimately and rejoicing in our relationship eternal . . .

Christ Michael of Nebadon


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