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Salvington and Michael of Nebadon

Thine Life is Raised with Me

For My disciples of the world .. I raise your life into the Life of God the Father .. a new knowledge ariseth with My people who art prone towards obedience and discipleship. A depth shall emerge whereby you perceive rightly the Unchangeable Life of our Father Mother Life. Knowledge of thine Godhood is necessary. Understanding of thine Godly nature is prerequisite. Giving of thyselves to the Father's Infinity is the avenue of ascendancy; that you might go through the eye of the needle with faith, trust, assurance and certainty whilst surrendering thine fatty baggage of immaturity and ephemerality and disloyalties of all kinds.I am come to gather My disciples of the world that they might rediscover Grace and Glory .. the Primordial Generosity of the Person of God the Father.Christ Michael Of Nebadon

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