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Epiphanies Of Eternity

Divine Dignity and Our Fruit-bearing Discipleship

Thou seekers and aspirants .. My disciples who read and study and reach for the Infinity of God's Life and Mercy ..  thou apostles of Salvington who choose wholeheartedly and willingly to discard the ways of iniquity and ephemerality, and who art tending towards the Second Birth into the Garment of Light .. In the days and weeks and months which shall follow .. in every and all moments of your tribulations and travail of density which you desire to conquer .. accept Mine coming and I shall help you to secure Eternity.Even as you walk in vulnerability and the great subtle sensitivities of the Spirit open for you .. stripping away the crusts of blindness caused by density .. and as the wax which hath gathered in thine ears preventing you from discerning Me completely and hearing of Mine teaching grace begin to become washed away completely .. I and the Universe Mother in immaculate combination with the Father of all Life .. We shall deliver you upward unto forgiveness and grace .. g…

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