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Epiphanies Of Eternity

Infinite Love

Mine children of this universal home ..I sayeth unto thine precious heart .. will you arise and risk to receive of My love for thee? Or shall you say on one hand that you believe in My Comforter Presence and at the very same time would you deny Me in your believing and receptivity? I say unto thee .. will ye taketh Mine Universal Hand .. and traverse all thine experiences to enter into the intensity and depth of My love for you?I say .. come thou child of the universes .. come unto Me with the weight of thine gloom and disbelief and pessimism and little self esteem .. and I shall raise thee beyond these artifices from ages past .. I shall give thee My love and forgiveness as you art willing with a whole heart to engage with Me.I shall destroy all thine self-hatred and despair which block thine way unto the Father's Life. Now do I encourage thee to arise into the fullness of believing in Me .. in this 21st Century Bestowal Mission and in My Everlasting Comforter Spirit of Truth .. …

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